Corrugated City

Sunday 26 August 2007

Costanera Camionera

A while ago i mentioned a back route into Valpo that is being created to divert the thousands of HGVs that have to pass through the city centre to reach the port. It's still not finished so there's currently very little traffic. It's been a beautiful day here so we decided to drive up and around to check out the new promenade that's also been built alongside the road. It's really quite impressive as the road winds down from Playa Ancha, past the Torpederas Beach and past the port at the bottom. Here are a few photos. For some reason i failed to take any photos of the actual pedestrianised part of the costanera. Duh.

This first photo shows the back of the massive Playa Ancha Cemetery where our old mucker Emile Dubois has his shrine.

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