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Wednesday 1 August 2007

Cafe Con Letras

When you head up Alte Montt from Plaza Anibal Pinto, you'll reach a curve in the road with signs pointing to Cerro Alegre or Cerro Concepcion. You'll also see a huge mural in front of you and a small cafe, the Cafe Con Letras. The cafe has excellent coffee, really good puddings and cakes and a pretty extensive menu with things like salads, soups and sandwiches. Unfortunately, it's all bleeding vegetarian but the cakes are worth stopping by for alone.

The cafe also works as a small bookshop, selling slightly arty books at Chile's extortionate books prices. Most of the books are cellophaned shut but there are a few you can browse whilst sipping your coffee and chomping on your pie de limon.

One thing i should add...In every cafe and restaurant in Chile, unless you order your cortado (like a macchiato i guess) bien caliente you will invariably be served a small cup of lukewarm coffee. It's like doing your cortado as a shot. You have been warned...

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