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Sunday 9 November 2008

Back In The News

So after my first outing in the Grauniad blog by blog guide, I'm back in again. This time it's just a short piece about Valparaiso and other 'exotic' locations. Go check it out!

To any Guardian readers new to the blog, hope you enjoy it...

Come visit Valparaiso because it's the only city in Chile that's worth any of your time. The rest of the country scenery-wise is spectacular but the cities are generally pretty rubbish.

Oh, and please buy my house. Much obliged.


Anonymous said...

HI Matt
i came across your blog yesterday as an ex ex-pat who used to live in Buenos Aires (until mid 2002). i like to keep up with what is going on over there (apart from some research i did on BA for uni of Bath last year). Saw your blog on valparaiso yesterday, (while at home just a few mins from Bathampton infact!) as have always wanted to see Neruda land and wanted to know more. Your house looks incredible - is it expensive? have you thought of selling it as 2 separate flats? would be interested to see how much - not as up to date on chileno currencies as i am on the peso (which was forevor devaluing when i was around - losing me all my savings!) so not sure about cost of living over there - would be interested to know more

greetings from a very windy rainy Bath!

ps do you work in real estate out there full time?

Matt said...

Hi Michelle-thanks for the comment. Can you send me an email to info @ and I'll send you more info about the house etc. Thanks!