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Monday 30 June 2008

Dying in Valparaiso:El Cementerio de Playa Ancha & Its Most Popular Resident

We'll start off our trip around El Cementerio de Playa Ancha by re-visiting an old friend, Emile Dubois who I posted about a while back.

Dubois has become a Valparaiso popular saint. Depending on who you believe, he was a murderous liar or an innocent man framed for crimes he didn't commit. No one is ever going to know the truth.

Dubois' shrine is covered in little plaques, left by his followers and giving thanks for his generosity in conceding them favours. These range from the return of a loved one to the conception of a child. Most favours aren't specifically stated...they remain a secret between Dubois and his fan.

Here's the positive version of his story:


Meredith said...

I know where I'm going this weekend.

"Monsieur Emile, s'il vous plait, arrêtez Matt de dire aux gens etrangeres que je cherche un pololo, parce que c'est un mensonge. Et s'arrêtez de critiquer mon vin, aussi. Merci."

Matt said...

1. We will find you someone soon. You just need to stop fighting it and accept your obvious need for a pololo. Unless we get you someone soon, you'll have to go home. There's no point in being here unless you have a pololo, right?

2. Gato Negro isn't wine. It's vomit in a bottle.

Meredith said...

Find Emma a pololo so she won't move away.

Furthermore I'm not sure that I would be willing to place my romantic destiny in your hands, as I feel certain that you would be tempted to use it as an opportunity to pull some sort of prank.

Matt said...

Prank? Moi? That doesn't sound like me.

Hang on. Sorry. That doesn't sound like someone who isn't me.