Corrugated City

Thursday 12 June 2008

Dying in Valparaiso: Cemetery Numero II 2

Concluding, for now, our tour of the Valparaiso Cemeteries on Cerro Panteon here are some more photos of Cementerio Numero 2. The totally manic, weird and fascinating Cementerio de Playa Ancha is coming soon.


Barbaridad said...

how did you do for taking all these pics? it's forbidden...each time i go i have to make some "artistic" moves for getting good shots!

i've a hangover too :(

Matt said...

in numero 2, i asked and the workers said it was no problem. in numero 1 and the disidentes i had to wait 'til no one was looking...and anyway, as a foreigner i can get away with more things just by pretending not to understand. no comprendo. que?

Barbaridad said...

hate you, cheeky monkey