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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Friends In The News- Good & Bad

(posted first over on Colchaguino)

Some friends from Colchagua recently appeared in different news articles here in Chile...

First, the positive article about some great friends from Malaysia getting our little charity Campo Antiguo into the papers. If you donated money after the earthquake last year and were wondering what has happened since, we're slowly getting things organised. There's been a bit of jockeying for position amongst some of the members, so I've taken a step back until it all gets sorted out, but the intention to set up a cultural centre and help the local community is absolutely still there...we just need to get the politics out of the way.

Here's a google translated version in English. Not the best, but you get the gist.

And the negative article concerns another great friend from here in Colchagua, Mario Lobo, who suffered a terrible car accident back in February and is now close to financial ruin after his insurance company pulled the plug. It's shocking that it's got to the point that the news has had to become public...and it was shocking for me to find this out a few months ago before the article came out. Mario was probably the most generous person I've met (financially and in spirit) and everyone assumed he was very wealthy.

If you want to buy the triplex mentioned in the article then click here. It's an incredible property.

Here's the article that appeared in El Mostrador: Mario Lobo

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Old House

On Saturday I had to go to Valparaiso for the day (
or rather, for about 3 hours), to show this property for sale. It's a bit of a hike from Colchagua but as I was invited to the Los Vascos Jazz Festival I had to get back by 6pm.

I had about 15 minutes in between meetings so went to take a look at my old house. The new owner completely re-renovated the house (you can see my own total rebuild process here and by clicking back through 'older posts') and has just had it freshly painted. The renovations he did weren't really necessary, but the changes he made inside look great anyway. Here are a few exterior shots. I really, really miss this house and wish I hadn't had to sell it...but without the money from the sale, I wouldn't be able to own the properties I have in Santiago and Colchagua. Trade-offs and all that.