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Thursday 27 August 2009

How To Get From Valparaiso To Santa Cruz...

...because that's where you want to visit after spending a few days exploring Valpo...

The fastest way would be to simply click on Colchaguino for a virtual trip. The other ways would be:
  • By car: The long, more expensive (petrol and tolls) but infinitely easier way is to take Ruta 68 all the way to Santiago, connect onto the Costanera Norte and then take the exit to Ruta 5 Sur until you hit San Fernando. Exit in San Fernando following the signs to Santa Cruz Casino. From Valpo it'll take around 4 hours including a short pit-stop.
  • By car: The quicker, more complicated way- Exit Ruta 68 at Casablanca and follow signs to San Antonio. Follow the signs to Santo Domingo and Llolleo and you'll avoid having to drive through one of Chile's most revolting cities. Stay on that road for an hour or so, drive past Lago Rapel and then take a right at Cruce Las Aranas where the sign says 'Santa Cruz Casino'. Keep following those signs until you reach Santa Cruz. This way will take a around 3 hours if you don't get lost and it's a really pretty drive so worth the risk.
  • By bus: Take a bus to San Fernando, change to a local bus to Santa Cruz. This way will take you over 5 hours.
  • By bus and train: Bus to Santiago Estacion Central, train to San Fernando and then bus to Santa Cruz. A more pleasant way to travel.


Frank said...

I am travelling in the reverse direction, Santa Cruz to Valparaiso. Do you have any more information on the bus options? Websites? Departure times?

Matt said...

Buses leave every 15 minutes or so to Santiago but those buses take forever. Your best bet is to take a colectivo to San Fernando (mil pesos) then a direct bus from SF to Santiago. Then the bus to Valpo.