Corrugated City

Wednesday 8 July 2009

New York

So I have a few minutes free to post some photos from my first few days here in the US.

We arrived on Saturday, 4th July. Incredibly, we got through customs and immigration in about 25 minutes. At JFK this is unheard of. The immigration officer even smiled. Wow.

Saturday was spent brunching, watching a free Conor Oberst concert in Battery Park and then watching the 4th July fireworks from the rooftop of a friend's apartment building. Having seen two new years in Valparaiso, the fireworks were a bit of a disappointment. As someone said after last new year, "Valpo has ruined fireworks everywhere else for me forever".

Now in upstate New York, back to the city for the weekend, up to East Hampton for a couple of days to visit a friend, back to the city again for a wedding and then off to Seattle. Busy...but fun.

Now for the photos. Sorry about the quality but I forgot my camera so these are from my phone.

Looking east from around W 43rd St next to the Hudson just before nightfall.

Fireworks- in the distance you can see that Jersey got a head start on Manhattan.

And finally...I seemed to be the only person enjoying the irony of 100 people arriving at 'land of the free' in the US anthem with a giant CCTV camera directly in front :)


Kyle said...

And here I was just about to email you guys to tell you we could come hang out this week. Looks like it was not meant to be. Oh well, we're gone less than three months.

Matt said...

Oh time you're back in Chile after your travels. And you'll be coming to visit us in Santa Cruz, not Valpo...a wine weekend instead of a pisco weekend...