Corrugated City

Monday 25 May 2009

A Short History Of Argentina's Economy

This excellent article appeared in the FT over the weekend. As I lived in Argentina for three years, I'm still interested in how disastrously managed the country is.


Emily said...

What an interesting article. I have to admit I skimmed some parts, but overall I liked the use of the parallel with the US to show how, as you said, it really has been poor management rather than some intrinsic disadvantage that has caused most of Argentina's problems.

You might like this article that a friend sent to me the other day, a more humorous take on the Argentine economy:

Matt said...

Ha, yes the coin problem. I wrote about this about 18 months ago...Argentina is an economic and social disaster. But it's a whole lot of fun as well and I love going back on holiday. I just wouldn't want to live there again long term.