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Monday, 6 April 2009

Old Valparaiso (Again)

I'm really busy at the moment, which would explain my lack of blogging over the last month or so. Bear with me. In the meantime, here's another old photo of Valparaiso. It's actually quite hard to work out, but I'm pretty certain that the hill to the left of the photo is Cerro Alegre/Concepcion and the bluff in the middle of the photo is Lord Cochrane's house.

The photo is from the 1860s, before Plaza Sotomayor was created and more land from reclaimed from the sea.


lydia said...

Hey, I was reminded of you the other day. A friend has a set of 40 pictures (not real photos but picture on one side and a page of description on the other) from 1900 that the Mercurio was selling, possibly a while back. Mostly of the plazas or significant buildings, etc. They just reminded me of your blog and I figured some might've even been the same. I was wondering if you had a book or set like that or something, or if you just took advantage every time you saw a photo around town.

Matt said...

I get most of the photos from pdf'd docs on memoria chilena (there's a link in my link section). There are some really interesting books on the site that you can download and do what you want with. The rest of the site is good as well, worth checking out.

I've seen those Mercurio photos-they're always on sale at the antique market in Plaza O'Higgins at the weekend for absurd prices...there are some cool photos in the set though.